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Pure Herbal Tea

Pure Herbal Tea

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Enjoy nutritious and delicious Raspberry Leaves which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.  Known as the ‘women’s tea’, it’s beneficial for everybody.

Drinking raspberry tea daily can help regulate monthly cycle for women and teenage girls and is believed to improve fertility. If pregnant, take from week 35 onwards.

These high quality herbs can be re-used on the same day and will give at least 3 good pots of tea. If you are pregnant or on medication, please check with your doctor before consuming any beverage that contains herbs.

Naturally caffeine free



Raspberry Leaves

How to Use

Add one teaspoon per cup and infuse in boiled water for at least 3 minutes

Additional tip

The taste of raspberry leaf can be challenging, so why not use as a base for other things such as a jelly

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