JustBe Kind Body Butter

An intensely rich body butter that melts easily, leaving skin naturally soft, with a citrusy... ..


JustBe Kind Rollerball

Enjoy the uplifting citrusy scents of Bergamot & Mandarin by rolling over pulse points, breath in... ..


Kind Wellbeing 70% Dark Chocolate

70% Dark chocolate with uplifting bergamot and mandarin sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt. Treat your taste... ..


JustBe Kind Herbal Tea

Take time to enjoy a comforting cup of JustBe Kind chamomile and rose herbal tea.... ..


JustBe Kind Aromatherapy Candle

Enjoy the soothing citrusy scents of Bergamot and Mandarin with our hand poured aromatherapy soy... ..


JustBe Kind Body & Massage Oil

An uplifting citrusy blend of bergamot and mandarin aromatherapy oils. We’re proud to be supporting... ..


Kindness in a box

A lovely gift containing a bar of delicious dark chocolate, plus 2 Pure Beauty Award... ..


JustBe Kind Delux

A lovely gift containing JustBe Kind aroma roller, heart shaped engraved keyring, body butter and a... ..


JustBe Kind Hamper

A lovely gift containing JustBe Kind aromatherapy candle, body butter, and a bar of delicious dark... ..


Kindness in abundance

A lovely gift containing JustBe Kind aromatherapy candle, heart shaped engraved keyring, a bar of... ..


JustBe Kind Keyring & Chocolate

JustBe Kind is our charitable range with 20% going to support SAMH (Scottish Association for... ..


Kind Inspiration Cards

Each box contains 50 different cards relating to kindness and compassion. How to use: Think... ..


Be Kind this Christmas

This thoughtful gift contains: JustBe Kind engraved keyring, JustBe Kind rollerball & 2 delicious 50g chocolate... ..


Feel loved, happy & kind

Reconnect with your true self with this wellbeing selection: JustBe Loved loose leaf herbal tea 40g,... ..


JustBe Kind Rollerball & Keyring Letterbox Gift Set

Whether it's just because or just to say, this JustBe Kind set is a lovely... ..