JustBe in safe hands, Hand Sanitising Spritz 100ml

Spritz on to the palm of clean hands and rub together until they're dry. If hands are visibly dirty,... ..


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Happy Hand & Body Set-JustBe Botanicals-JustBe Botanicals

Happy Hand & Body Set

JustBe Happy hand & body wash and the enriched hand & body lotion is an... ..


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Hand & Body Wash-JustBe Botanicals-JustBe Botanicals

Hand & Body Wash

Awaken your senses with uplifting pink grapefruit and lime. Enriched with coconut oil, this gentle... ..


Hand & Body Lotion

Enriched with nourishing shea butter and aloe vera, this naturally uplifting lotion leaves skin and... ..


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Enriched Soap Collection-JustBe Botanicals-JustBe Botanicals

Enriched Soap Collection

JustBe Happy, Radiant & Active Enriched Soaps with wooden free-draining rest. Enjoy these all natural... ..


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Happy Enriched Soap-JustBe Botanicals-JustBe Botanicals

Happy Enriched Soap

Awaken your senses with uplifting pink grapefruit and lime. Enriched with extraordinary moisturising olive oil... ..


Active Enriched Soap

Active your senses with a burst of black pepper, eucalyptus and warming clove. Enriched with... ..


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Radiant Enriched Soap-JustBe Botanicals-JustBe Botanicals

Radiant Enriched Soap

Nourish your skin with the soothing scents of patchouli and rosewood. Enriched with shea butter,... ..


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Mini Wash & Lotion-JustBe Botanicals-JustBe Botanicals

Mini Wash & Lotion

These mini hand & body wash and lotion are an ideal travel and handbag sizes.  The... ..