As with Artisan Aromatherapy, life's more of an art than science, so here’s a recipe and some tips that you may wish to try.

JustBe Botanicals recipe for life

Simple Recipe for Life

1. Take a full measure of passion.

2. Add a cup of commitment and courage (there should be no half measures in this recipe).

3. Stir in a good dollop of inquisitiveness.

4. Take a large heap of emotion and pass through a fine sieve, removing any unwanted lumps of apathy.

5. Sweeten with some love.

6. Turn up the heat.

7. Add a generous pinch of your own unique flavour and a sprinkle of hope.

8. Pour into a serving dish and savour each and every mouthful.

Infinite variations possible.

Best enjoyed with friends, family and laughter.


A few tips on being you:

Give yourself permission to be 100% authentically you now; no need to wait, change or do anything.

Take full responsibility for your life; stop blaming others.

Start making conscious choices.

Be comfortable not knowing.

Your best is good enough.

Enjoy the journey.


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde