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Wellbeing Journey

These natural treatments are designed to provide valuable time and space for you to simply just be yourself. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and starts with a full consultation and aroma journey to select the most beneficial blend of JustBe. In addition to the aromatic scent and the therapist’s touch, you may listen to the sound of JustBe with the JustBe In-Tune Music, choose an Inspiration Card that may provide a valuable insight or perhaps enjoy a cup of Herbal Tea at the end of your treatment. In addition to touching each of the five senses this complete sensory experience promotes a deeper level of relaxation and provides a sense of wholeness.

JustBe Aromatherapy Rollerball CollectionJustBe signature body treatments are available at The Gin Spa in Glasgow, De Vere Cotswold Water Park, De Vere Torworth CourtBloomin Beautiful in Swindon, Allure Beauty Lounge and Bliss Body in Edinburgh. Contact them directly for availability and pricing.

If you’d like to be a JustBe Spa or are a qualified therapist and would like to become a JustBe at Home Natural Beauty Ambassador, contact us to discuss your individual needs and arrange a meeting.


JustBe Radiant
This deeply nourishing radiance boosting facial stimulates layers of muscles and connective tissue releasing deep seated tensions and softens habitual expression lines. Uplifting strokes and pressure point massage stimulate the circulation helping eliminate toxins and plump up the skin. These techniques combined with the natural active ingredients of the JustBe Anti-ageing Facial range provide an instant feeling of firmness and improved skin elasticity. Leaves skin feeling luxuriously soft and visibly brighter.


JustBe Fresh Faced
JustBe Fresh Faced Signature FacialIt’s never too early to start taking care of your skin with this Teens facial that has been especially designed to nurture and care for younger skin. Incorporates a deep cleanse, skin analysis, gentle exfoliation, steam, mask and a relaxing scalp massage before the multi-active restoring cream is applied. Receive useful homecare advice to get you and your skin glowing. Helps develop awareness of a simple, natural and effective skin care routine. Beneficial for all skin types and ages.


Body Treatments
Aromatherapy Massage

JustBe Aromatherapy Massage Oils ProfessionalMassage provides huge benefits for our mind, body and spirit. When we allow ourselves to be even just for a short time, we allow balance and healing on all levels. The power of intentioned touch is profound: muscles relax, toxins are released and the immune system is boosted. Based on Swedish techniques, this massage is tailored to meet your individual needs. It feels so good because it is so good for you! 





JustBe Lomi Lomi
Full body massage from Hawaii

Lomi Lomi which means ‘loving touch’ is a form of massage based on the ancient healing traditions of Hawaii. The rhythmic, fluid motions feel like gentle ocean waves, which provides a sense of connection and freedom. This massage works to release energy blockages within the body and assist in balancing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



JustBe Elemental
Salt scrub, thermal peat wrap & warm oil massage

JustBe Botanicals Elemental Peat WrapBe in your element with this botanical rich treatment that encompasses the healing powers of the ocean, earth and plants. The skin is prepared with a JustBe Salt Scrub to remove dead skin cells and boost the circulation. Warm oil is drizzled over the body before the mineral rich peat mask is applied. Whilst relaxing in a thermal cocoon, you’ll receive a pressure point facial and a nourishing scalp massage. Once the peat has been removed, warm oil is gently massaged into the skin. The soluble organic active ingredients leave the skin detoxified, purified and toned. Excellent treatment for cellulite and an aid to weight loss.  Beneficial for healthy and problematic skin. Naturally hypo-allergenic, this treatment is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.


JustBe Botanical
JustBe Botanicals Herbal Compress MassageFull body massage using thermal compresses

This deeply relaxing massage uses botanical bundles containing a range of organic therapeutic herbs designed to relax, detoxify and help release muscular tension. The treatment starts with dry body brushing to boost the circulation. The bundles are warmed and pressed onto the skin in conjunction with the JustBe aromatherapy massage oils. Effective combination of warmth and massage techniques to soothe any aches and pains. Leaves the skin wonderfully soft. A deeply therapeutic experience for mind and body. 




JustBe at Home
Fancy a great night in with the girls with an opportunity to try the JustBe range in the comfort of your own home? Simply invite a group of friends round and choose from Focus on Facial or Top to Toe Ritual (Foot Soak, Nourishing Hand Massage Treatment & Indian Head Massage). Email us to arrange a date. Currently only available in Scotland.