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JustBe Botanicals Skincare Range

JustBe Cleansing Balm

Caroline Hirons | August 2014
“This is one of the nicest cleansing balms I have ever used. I know you know how many cleansing balms I have used in my lifetime. It’s that good. The cleansing balm easily and effortless removes all of my makeup and leaves no residue. Eye makeup is no problem. I’ve been double cleansing with this if I have a face full of makeup (obvs), but I would happily use this for both my morning cleanse and evening ‘skin’ cleanse. A little goes a long way.
Suitable for all skin types and the essential oils are not in at a ridiculously high strength so you should be fine if you have sensitivities. The smell is extremely subtle. Highly recommended.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards | Best Balm Cleanser 2015



As seen in VOGUE | October 2015

JustBe Cleansing Balm has been included in Vogue's Beauty Edit within their bumper 'All Star Glamour' October issue.


Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible | Winner April 2014
"I simply love this, feels like I'm having a nice facial every time I apply the warm cloth to my face." "Smelt like walking through an English cottage garden; pleasant to inhale at night."


JustBe Eye Makeup Remover

OK! Beauty Awards | Highly Commended 2017



The Beauty Shortlist | Editors Choice 2016



FreeFrom Skincare Awards | Face Care (Take Off) Bronze Award 2015
Unbelievable! Quick and easy to use, a gentle wipe and my eyes and lashes were sparkling clean and moisturised in one go. Lashes looked thicker after a month because I don’t rub them any more. Pure ingredients. A little gem.”

Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards | Winner March 2014
"The balm texture makes all the difference: very efficient at removing eye make-up, and it almost felt like I was pampering my eyes; luxurious indeed"
"This remover, in its hygienic pump, has become a favourite of mine: it's almost like an eye treatment in itself." 

Good Spa Guide | October 2014
“The product size is perfectly balanced, substantial enough to be used regularly, but small enough to travel with. JustBe Cleansed is very well priced for what it offers, it did everything it promised and more. All the ingredients are natural, and the fact it is handmade in the UK make the lotion feel extra special. The results were fantastic, my skin felt really cleansed, smooth and nourished. Most importantly, it was a really enjoyable experience that left my eye area silky and bright. This is my favourite JustBe product and I would definitely buy it again.”

SilkyResh | June 2015
“…this is a lovely dual purpose nourishing cleanser that removes every trace of light and heavy makeup including waterproof mascara and long wearing eyeliner and also gently cleanses the skin. It leaves my skin feeling absolutely clean, smooth and nourished"

JustBe Hydrating Serum


YOU Beauty Discovery Box | August 2014
“I was overwhelmed with the results – this all natural formula immediately quenched my skin, without leaving it greasy, and worked miracles on my décolletage – an area that I am super paranoid about.  It smells amazing and feels super nourishing.”


JustBe Kind Aroma Roller

Pure Beauty Awards | Best New Wellness Product Winner  2019



JustBe Kind Body Butter

Pure Beauty Awards | Best New Body Product Bronze  2019



JustBe Pure Body Butter

Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards | Best Massage Oil / Cream Silver 2018



JustBe Happy Body Butter

FreeFrom Skincare Awards | Body Care (Leave On) Silver 2017
"Perfection in a jar!"
"I fell in love with this product immediately! My skin was super soft and smooth to the touch after the first use. Adore the fresh, lemony fragrance, undercut with a herbal note."
"Felt luxurious to use. My skin felt soft, nourished, deliciously scented and looked smoother after I applied the product for the first time. The product has an absolutely gorgeous citrus fragrance which was sophisticated, uplifting and refreshing.
"My skin was softer and smoother overall, scars were definitely less noticeable and several patches of stubborn dry skin that had failed to respond to anything were miraculously gone."
"Skin immediately looked more hydrated and glowing."
"Fragrance is gorgeous! Even gets my tastebuds going."
"I love the texture - very rich, buttery and sumptuous!"
"The texture is perfect - a rich butter thick enough that it moisturises deeply, but light enough to be easy to apply and to absorb quickly and easily."
"The product performs brilliantly on a day-to-day basis and left my skin feeling beautifully smooth and deeply moisturised."
"The appearance and texture of my skin improved dramatically - it is significantly plumper, smoother, softer and more velvety to the touch. My skintone looks more even and dry/scaly patches on my legs and arms have completely disappeared."
"I noticed a significant improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin after a month. It felt nourished and was extremely soft and smooth. The flaky patches on my legs and arms disappeared completely, and my skintone looked much more even."
"My skin looked and felt much healthier after the first use - it was very soothing. Lovely fragrance - light and uplifting. The texture was very thick (and buttery!)"
"I definitely noticed an improvement in the moisture levels and suppleness of my skin."
"I enjoyed using this product very much, the smell was absolutely gorgeous, the texture was lovely, and it was not at all greasy."
"What I especially love is the uplifting mouthwatering scent and rich luxurious consistency they are top class!"
"I love the effect this butter has on my skin as it leaves it glowy and not greasy, hydrated not heavy."

JustBe Happy Hand & Body Wash

OK! Beauty Awards | Highly Commended 2017



FreeFrom Skincare Awards | Body Care (Take Off) Silver 2016
"Beautiful zingy citrus that smells natural and mood enhancing. I absolutely adored it and couldn't wait to use it every day."
"It's lovely to use and very uplifting for a morning shower. I think it's good value for money and has quickly become one of my favourites."

JustBe Soft Lip Balm

FreeFrom Skincare Awards | Lip Balm Bronze 2017
"Has dramatically improved the condition and appearance of my lips, the product went above and beyond what I expected."
"I was very impressed that it healed the split in my lip in addition to helping with dryness and chapping. I was also impressed at its longevity on the lips as I expected to have to re-apply much more frequently."
"My lips now feel significantly softer, more moisturised and look plumper. I thought it was signifianctly better than other lip balms I have used, both natural and non-natural."
"I haven't used another balm that has successfully healed cracks and splits in my lips like this one has."
"Unlike most other lip balms, this one has a lasting effect and has improved the feel and appearance of my lips the longer I have used it."

Luxe List
“Packaged in the most adorable little glass jar with screw lid, the balm feels super luxurious to use. I adore the light minty scent, and it keeps my lips feeling so soft for a good few hours at a time. The dinky size means that it is super convenientto pop it into my makeup bag.”

JustBe Cleansing Gel

FreeFrom Skincare Awards | Family Skincare Bronze 2015
“My son’s skin is at that typical pre puberty stage where his cheeks are still baby soft but his nose is erupting into a festering mess waiting to happen…open pores, blackheads and small angry looking blemishes. Twice a day he used this, especially concentrating on his nose. The effects of this gel are clearly visable...blackheads have reduced in size and number, open pores are all gone and the blemishes are much calmer looking. His skin looks much clearer, brighter and healthier.” 

JustBe Radiant Restoring Cream

Holistic Green Beauty
“This is a multi purpose product as it is actually a moisturiser and sunscreen all in one. Upon application the skin feels hydrated. It provides the perfect base for makeup Despite the small 30ml size, this product it has lasted 8 weeks and I have been applying the product liberally to ensure I get adequate sun protection.”

Ana Goes Green
An Eco Friendly Beauty and Lifestyle blog
“You only need a small amount of JustBe's Cleansing Balm to remove all of your makeup. I have really been enjoying spending some time massaging it into the skin before removing with a muslin cloth, in fact this little bed time ritual is one of my favourite parts of the day!  I use it all over the eye area and have experienced no stinging at all, it melts away mascara, eye shadow and liner easily and quickly.
The Cleansing Gel is wonderfully refreshing and uplifting in the mornings as it is scented with mandarin and grapefruit. Because this does not contain SLS or other harsh surfactants this leaves the skin feeling really fresh and clean without the dry/tight feeling you can sometimes get from face washes.
JustBe's Restoring Cream is a very versatile cream that can be used both in the daytime and at night. It contains zinc oxide which is a natural SPF which is essential for protecting the skin against the sun. This has a very light almost mousse feel to it but it still manages to be incredibly moisturising. It has a lovely scent like the cleansing balm slightly woody coming from the Petigrain not at all overpowering but subtle and relaxing.
I can’t recommend the products highly enough, I am in love!

JustBe Aromatherapy Chocolates

Great Taste Awards 2017
JustBe Loved Aromatherapy Chocolate - 1 Star

Beauty Shortlist
would give the Swiss a run for their chocolate money.   JustBe Tranquil aromatherapy bar – white chocolate with lavender and topped with raspberries is as delicious as it sounds, in fact taste-wise I’d rank it even better than a brand like Green & Black’s.”

The Beauty Shortlist 2015 | Best Aromatherapy Product
JustBe Energised Aromatherapy Chocolate

Natalie Allera
“is delicious and each one contains a health boosting or soul soothing ingredient including; cleansing juniper, invigorating geranium, warming clove oil or refreshing pink grapefruit. So you can have a wee treat and help your body and mind all at the same time, without feeling guilty. Just a little bit naughty and a whole lot of good.”

JustBe Organic Herbal Teas

Great Taste Awards 2017

JustBe Active Herbal Tea - 1 Star


The Beauty Shortlist 2015 | Best Health / Herbal Tea (Blend)

JustBe Happy Herbal Tea


Great Taste Awards 2014

JustBe Happy Herbal Tea - 2 Stars



JustBe Active Herbal Tea - 1 Star
The multiple award winning JustBe Happy tea is an uplifting blend of lemonbalm and hibiscus. The Great Taste judging panel who awarded 2 Gold Stars commented “We believe this to be a genuine contribution to the market. With a touch of honey or even jaggery (palm sugar) as an iced tea it would be fabulous.”


bella j beauty blogger
“I have to say these teas are quite simply heavenly. I have a mug of Loved in my hand right this very second, and it’s a truly delicious sensory experience. A delicate blend of hibiscus flowers, rose petals and jasmine that isn’t at all overpowering, instead it is helping to soothe my mind, body and spirit. The best way I can describe this tea is that it’s like receiving a warm, vibrant hug from a mug.”

Sweet Elyse | 2013
JustBe Detox Herbal Tea “I tried this and fell in love as it didn’t give me allergy symptoms like normal tea does. I’ve since added it to my new health schedule every few days which I believe has helped me lose over a stone in weight *yay*”

JustBe Happy Pamper Hamper

The Beauty Shortlist Baby Awards | Best Stress-Less Product / Gift 2015



Spa Treatments

De Vere Cotswold Water Spa6

As featured in Cotswold Living Magazine 

De Vere Torworth Court Leaf Spa





Gin Spa, Glasgow
Lonely Planet | January 2018
"The spa takes inspiration from botanical ingredients from some of the world’s finest gins, using a customised, natural range of products that are designed to boost an area of your choice; happiness, activity, energy, detoxing or tranquility."

Sleeping Beauty Spa & Salons
The Scottish Wedding Directory | May 2017
"Sleeping Beauty has teamed up with JustBe Botanicals to create a bespoke signature treatment, JustBe Aroma Indulgence. I opted for the JustBe Happy Massage & Body Oil which is designed to give your spirits a boost, and right from the moment my therapist set to work I could feel all the tension melting away."

The Scotsman | August 2016
"Justbe Aroma-Indulgence, includes a detoxifying foot soak, personalised full body aromatherapy massage, and a mini aromatherapy facial."

JustBe Elemental Signature Treatment

New You Magazine | August 2016
“The therapist begins by rubbing my skin with coarse salt (finer or more coarse salt can be selected beforehand). Then warm oil is poured over my body before I am put in a cocoon of mineral-rich Scottish peat, treated with aromatic eucalyptus oil. While relaxing in this warm blanket, my face and scalp are gently worked over. The peat is washed off and additional oils are massaged into my thirsty skin. The Scottish peat has numerous benefits, according to the spa, including moisture retention and improved skin elasticity. I feel soft all over, and the stiffness I’ve accumulated during travel evaporates.”

Lomi Lomi Massage

The Spa PR Company
“This is an excellent treatment for anyone looking for a body massage which helps to reconnect both the body and mind and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. You know it’s a good massage when an hour seems an hour too short! The JustBe aromatherpay oil smelt divine and left my skin feeling incredibly soft. It may be inspired by Hawaii but those Scots know a thing or two when it comes to producing high quality natural products.”

D&G Life Magazine | February 2013
One of Gail’s latest spa treatments, which has just been introduced at Armathwaite Hall Spa in the Lake District, is called JustBe Elemental and includes using Scottish peat in a thermal peat wrap. Gail says: “I’ve found peat to be simply incredible. Peat has traditionally been used to treat a multitude of ailments, from mobility problems, arthritis, and hormonal imbalance to post-surgery recovery and  muscle recovery in sports medicine.

“It’s also a rich source of minerals, including iron, zinc, copper and magnesium, which help heal, nourish and detoxify. It has been shown to have powerful preserving effects and has excellent moisture-retaining qualities, which help to firm up the skin and improve elasticity. “Peat is also a natural support for weight-loss as the thermal effect boosts the metabolic rate, which helps burn fat.”

Kindered Spirit | January 2013
JustBe Elemental signature ritual at Armathwaite Hall Spa
“JustBe Elemental uses Atlantic sea salt and Scottish peat and is amazing for tackling cellulite, anti-ageing and as an aid to weight loss. The skin is prepared with JustBe Pure Salt Scrub to remove dead skin cells and boost the circulation. Warm oil is drizzled over the body, a soothing combination of mandarin and lavender, before the mineral rich peat mask is applied. Peat has numerous health benefits including: moisture retaining qualities and improving skin elasticity. Whilst relaxing in a thermal cocoon, the client receives a pressure point facial and a nourishing scalp massage. Once the peat had been removed, warm oil is gently massaged into the skin. The soluble organic active ingredients leave the skin detoxified, purified and toned.” | February 2012
Lomi Lomi works to release stored emotions and to reconnect the mind and body it has been described as the Rolls Royce of relaxation achieves an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Anti Ageing Facial

bbalm | February 2012
“My skin glowed and looked so healthy after this treatment.”
JustBe Fresh Faced: “one of the best facial massages I’ve ever had.”

Features | As seen in

Received a Good Brand Award from Sublime Magazine in Recognition of Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability 🌟






Quoted in the Herald's Luxury Glasgow Magazine feature on Scottish Skincare Jan / Feb 2020

“In addition to healing and therapeutic properties, essential oils from herbs help balance the emotions and enhance sense of wellbeing. Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system in the brain, where our memories and emotions are stored, which is why we think of certain people, places and events, or feel differently, when we smell certain smells,” explains Gail. “With a growing awareness of the effects that stress has on our physical and mental health, aromatherapy can help us feel better naturally.” 



'Scots wellbeing company putting purpose before profit' feature in The National newspaper January 2020






'Highland fling' feature in Vegetarian Living Magazine November 2019





As seen on Four in a Bed Just B Guest House, Balerno Edinburgh with owners Karen & Geoff October 2019

Small Business Focus Life Can Be Toff Blog October 2019

The Herald Scotland | September 2019 Pamper your self with these wonderful beauty products

No.1 Magazine | June 2018
The Scottish Beauty Brands Your Skin Needs Now | May 2018 The 20 women to watch in Scotland 2018

The Beauty Shortlist 

As seen in Vogue | October 2017
JustBe Happy rollerball featured in the 'Mood Booster' section of VOGUE. JustBe Happy remains our most popular scent and for those looking to enhance their sense of wellbeing, rollerballs aka 'aromatherapy on the go' are a great way of achieving this. 

Virgin VOOM | Semi Finalist 2016
JustBe Botanicals took part in the largest pitching competiton (successful Guinness World Record) with the finalists getting to pitch to Richard Brandson. From 20,000+ entries, along with 9 other companies Gail reached the Semi-Final stage of the cometition. 

House & Garden | April 2016
JustBe Hydrating Serum & Treatment Oil was subsription offer for those signing up for 6 issues of House & Garden Magazine. Described as 'pretend sleep and clean living in a bottle' these remain one of our best sellers and come with a 30 day money back radiance guarantee.

Salt and Carmael at MhorFest | May 2015

“The development of the skincare products, chocolate and tea is done in Gail’s kitchen, not in a state-of-the-art laboratory. She uses as few ingredients as possible, all natural and no nut oils, which make her products suitable for all skin types, as well as for those who have nut allergies.”

The Herald Scotland | April 2014
What was the most valuable lesson you learned?
“To be myself, to be authentic and to keep going. If you feel you’ve run out of energy and inspiration, keep going. Tomorrow’s another day and you don’t have to do it all right now. That “you’re better than you think you are” and that “you are enough”.Things that every small business owner needs to be reminded of now and again.”

Scottish Edge | Winner 2013