Detox Aromatherapy 70% Dark Chocolate

70% Dark chocolate with cleansing juniper and milk thistle topped with fennel.Enjoy the darker side... ..


Detox Herbal Tea

A cleansing tonic of Cleavers, Elderberries & Hibiscus Flowers to gently support your body’s natural... ..


Detox Himalayan Salt Body Scrub & Bath Soak

A detoxifying mix of mineral rich pink Himalayan salt and essential oils renowned for their... ..


Detox Body & Massage Oil

A calming blend of Cedarwood, Lavender and Geranium essential oils enriched with Coconut Oil.  An... ..


Detox Rollerball

This detoxifying blend is ideal when you’re feeling over loaded and needing clarity. Simply apply... ..


Detox Inspiration Cards

Each box contains 50 different suggestions on how to be more active. How to use:... ..


Detox & Active Gift Set

Enjoy 2 100g bars of JustBe aromatherapy chocolates along with 2 refreshing blends of organic... ..


Detox Body Butter

An intensely rich body butter with a cleansing blend of geranium, pink grapefruit and juniper aromatherapy oils.... ..


Body Beauty Restorer with Detox Body Oil 100ml

Take a moment to release tension, refresh your mind and relax your body with this... ..


Body Beauty Restorer with Detox Body Oil & Body Butter

Save £5.90 when bought with JustBe Detox Body Oil & Body Butter. Take a moment... ..


Comb Beauty Restorer with Happy Body Wash & Detox Salt

Save £6.60 when bought with JustBe Happy Body Wash & Detox Salts. Run this gorgeous... ..