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Detox Herbal Tea

Detox Herbal Tea

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A cleansing tonic of Cleavers, Elderberries & Hibiscus Flowers to gently support your body’s natural purification and renewing process. Fruity and refreshing, tastes as clean as it makes you feel.

“I tried this and fell in love as it didn’t give me allergy symptoms like normal tea does. I’ve since added it to my new health schedule every few days which I believe has helped me lose over a stone in weight *yay*” Sweet Elyse


If you are pregnant or on medication, please check with your doctor before consuming any beverage that contains herbs.

Naturally caffeine free



Cleavers, Elderberry, Hibiscus Flowers

How to Use

Add 2-3 teaspoons per tea pot making sure you get a good mix of all the herbs and infuse in boiled water for at least 9 minutes. If you’re new to the Detox blend, build up to 3 cups a day for up to 3 weeks at a time. Also enjoy cooled over ice.

Additional tip

Add infusion to a basin of warm water for a detoxing foot soak.

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