What do you already know?

It's been an exciting time at JustBe HQ as I've been developing a range of 6 aromatherapy chocolate bars. Needless to say the tasting sessions have proved exceptionally popular and the over-riding comment has been "I just love them all!". In addition to the chocolates, a range of 3 natural soaps will be launched in August along with new packaging for a selection of the facial range.

Looking back, this time 5 years ago, I was on holiday in Spain with a group of friends and went on a day trip to Malaga. After searching out Cafe Aranda which was famous for it's chocolate churros, we headed for Alcazaba - an 11th century fortress overlooking the city. On the way up the many steps, we came across a piece of graffiti 'you know you know' which made us all laugh and then became a talking point - what did we know?

5 years ago, I couldn't have known that I would develop JustBe or indeed alot of the other things that have happened along the way. I did know that everything was going to be okay - and that knowing is perhaps all that we need.


My first taste of chocolate churros (shared between 4!)