Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses

Valentine's can be a funny time of year, especially if you happen to be single.

The essence of Valentine's is a celebration of love. For yourself, for life, for everyone in your life and even for the struggles.

You don't of course need to wait for one special day a year to do this - today and indeed everyday's a great day to celebrate.

Should you wish to treat yourself or others to a 'love'-ly gift, here are 3 simple ways to stop and smell, feel and even taste the roses. After all why give flowers when you can give chocolates. 

Experience a truly indulgent taste of 70% decadent dark chocolate, blended with pure rose oil and topped with rose petals.



Tastes like a big in a mug, this soothing blend of hibiscus, rose and jasmine also makes a natural facial toner when cooled.





Or how about a treatment candle that's designed to be melted and poured directly onto the skin. Comes with a pair of treatment gloves.







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