Learning to love yourself first

Learning to love yourself first

With Valentine's Day approaching there's so much talk of love. Whilst some may have found, lost or still be looking for love, we all have the opportunity love ourselves more.

Much has been written on the subject, including the well know adage 'we only accept the love we think we deserve'. As with everything intention is key. Having attended a goal setting workshop at Lululemon last month, one of the group shared that they'd stop waiting for a plus one before doing things, especially travelling - which struck a cord with the room.

So this Valentine's and indeed this year, know what you deserve, be okay by yourself, treat yourself, take the trip and eat the chocolate (if that's what you want to do).

The talented duo John Need & David Hughes shot my 1st professional video, to tell the JustBe story.


Join me at the Business Women Scotland event the George Hotel, Edinburgh on the 23rd of March. Hear from an inspiring line up of speakers.

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