JustBe You Spa Day

JustBe You Spa Day

Armathwaite Hall the luxury Spa in Lake District, have been an integral part of the development of JustBe's range, so I'm delighted to be celebrating Aromatherapy Awarness Week with them offering bespoke treatments. Join me 10th-12th June, when I'll be a therapist in residence.

As I'm often asked about the inspiration and the development of the JustBe range of spa treatments, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the story which starts a couple of year before I'd heard of Armathwaite Hall.

The journey starts when I made the conscious choice to leave a stressful corporate environment which was starting to impact my health and wellbeing, and to follow my interest in the mind body connection. I trained in a variety of 'holistic' therapies which included massage.

During one to one sessions, clients would often say they wanted to be less tense, less stressed, less tired. Aware of the law of attraction (we get what we focus on), I'd ask them to be clear about what they wanted, not what they didn’t want. The first 4 blends were based on these answers. In essence, we all want similar things - to be loved, happy, energised and simply to be and accept ourselves.

In November 2010, Armathwaite launched the range of 6 signature massage oils that I created for them. Following a successful trial, 6 months later they asked for an anti-ageing facial.

Like a lot of people, especially woman, I mistakenly believed I had sensitive skin.  The truth, which I discovered whilst developing the products was that our skin is constantly changing and that my self diagnosed ‘sensitivity’ was my skins response to the chemicals contained within some skincare ranges. I wanted to create an all natural range that was suitable, simple and enjoyable to use for all skin types and ages especially 'sensitive'. The JustBe range is also nut-free which is good for anyone with a nut intolerance.

To cut a long story short, based on success of the JustBe Radiant facial and introduction of Lomi Lomi massage, Armathwaite Hall asked for a facial that would be suitable for teenage skin as well as a signature ritual. The JustBe Fresh Faced facial was launched on Mothers Day 2012 and includes skin analysis and advice on how to achieve 'beauty that's more than skin deep' - creating healthy habits from an early age. JustBe Elemental and the Botanical Bundles massage were added in October of that year. JustBe Elemental is a full body treatment that incorporates a thermal body wrap using Scottish Peat that's great for cellulite, weightloss and anti-ageing - top 3 on most women’s wish lists and perhaps unsurprisingly has become Armathwaite Hall's No.1 treatment!

As you can see Armathwaite Hall Spa (who have been awarded a Best Residential Spa by the Professional Beauty Awards twice in the last three years) has been an integral part in the JustBe journey. 

So if you would like to make time to ‘Just Be You’ this month please call 017687 76551 to arrange a session.


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