Top tips for a Happy New Year

Top tips for a Happy New Year

As we strive to experience true vitality, I’d like share some easy to follow tips. Whilst February is one of the key ‘Detox’ months, the cold weather and dark mornings can sometimes mean that it’s hard to keep our best intentions. With that in mind, here are my top tips for this month:

1. Remove temptation where possible e.g. ice cream from the freezer.
2. Make every day a fresh start.
3. Focus on how you want to feel and make that your priority.
4. Remember it’s all about balance.  Everything in moderation including moderation!
5. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt; you are doing your best.


Just in JustBe Loved herbal tea's - a vibrant and delicate jumble of organic Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Petals and Jasmine to soothe mind, body and spirit. Like a ‘hug in a mug’, this blend is ideal for when we need some love.

I'm often asked how JustBe came about, so here’s the story so far…Just over 3 years ago, I was working as a therapist on a retreat in Turkey, offering amongst other things Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian style massage), when I realised that the guests simply wanted to just be – the state of being where you’re able to except yourself and others as they are without the need to change or do anything. Unable to find a massage oil that I enjoyed working with, one of the guests suggested that I make my own and on my return that's what I did.  

The first four blends were JustBe Loved, HappyEnergised and JustBe Sweet - universal emotional states that she felt she and others would benefit from. Three years later the JustBe range has developed into offering something for each of our five senses and includes 8 treatments  that includes our signature ritual JustBe Elemental that was developed for Armathwaith Hall Spa in the Lake District. 

Whilst I still offer one to one sessions, my main focus is training other therapists and making the products. The entire range is still currently hand blended by myself at my kitchen table in Edinburgh – real Artisan Aromatherapy.

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