Joe Wicks receives JustBe Loved Award

Joe Wicks receives JustBe Loved Award

Hope your year's got off to a good start. If you're looking for an enjoyable way to feel more engergised and get in shape during 2016, I can highly recommend Lean in 15.

As soon as my Sister told me about Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach last September, I knew that his 90 day SSS (Shape, Shift and Sustain) was the plan for me. Full of easy to follow HIIT (High Intenstity Interval Training) sessions that can be done in your home, and inspiring transformation testimonials. "Real results, real people in real time." Plus Joe happens to look like a modern day Poldark and makes me laugh which somehow made the whole thing more enjoyable.

Having finished my 90 days just before Christmas, I felt so inspired, energised and in shape that sent Joe a mini hamper of JustBe goodies that included dark chocolate bars and a bottle of beard oil that I make for Quarters, as a thank you. Imagine my suprise / delight when I received a thank you message from Joe saying how much he loved the JustBe Loved chocolate.

"It's outrageous. The best chocolate that I've ever tasted. And I mean it." Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

As Joe has made a postive impact on the health and wellbeing of so many, including myself, I was excited to meet Joe and present him with a JustBe Loved award whilst he was in Edinburgh for a book signing on the 21st of January. He's just as lovely in real life and I loved the fact that he called me the chocolate lady!


Joe's new cookbook Lean in 15 arrived in time for start of the year and has become the fastest selling debut cookbook ever!

If you've started, do let us know what your favourite recipes are.

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