It's time to #VOOM

It's time to #VOOM

I was delighted to be one of eleven companies invited to attend the #VOOM photoshoot in London to highlight the diversity of this year. In addition to being able to meet some of the other companies, this snap was picture of the day in the Huffington Press! With over 7.5k entries, competition to make the next stage of a Pitchathon is fierce. The public voting closes on the 23rd of May, so if you can give me your vote it would be much appreciated.


The new Meet & Make area in White Stuff, Edinburgh was launched at the beginning of May as an ideal place to catch up with friends over a pot of JustBe tea ☕️

The plan is for this space to also be used to teach a range of crafts.

JustBe chocolates & herbal teas are now available from Edinburgh Artisan Food.

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