Be sun aware & skin safe this summer

Be sun aware & skin safe this summer

Whilst the awareness of being sun aware has never been greater, here's 3 simple steps for making the most of the good weather.



 PREPARE your skin by exfoliating to remove the top layer of often dull looking skin cells. 

Try using a 
gentle exfoliator or muslin cloth for the face and a salt scrub for the body. JustBe Detox is a blend of mineral rich pink himalayan salts, coconut oil, and cleansing essential oils to get you and your body ready for summer.

Regualry dry body brushing is also a great way to get and keep your skin (and body) in top condition.




PROTECT: Be sun aware by wearing a SPF that's in line with how much sun your skin can safely take. Our multi-active 
Restoring Cream contains Zinc Oxide which provides a natural sun protection factor of 15.


PROLONG your tan and create a natural glow by using a body butter or body oil

Our range of body butters contain skin softening coconut and jojoba oil and are subtly fragranced with pure essential oils.

They're intensely rich and a little bit goes a long way and as beauty blogger Sweet Elyse said "It's a damn super hero in a jar".



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